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Taking Business to New Heights

Drones have proven themselves as an efficient platform for the replacement for traditional ground based survey methods. They go beyond surveying, allowing for very high resolution ortho-imagry aerial video captures for a wide variety of applications. By using different types of imaging systems that can be mounted on to them, like:

  • Optical
  • LiDAR
  • Thermal Sensors and Visual Cameras.
  • Multispectral
  • Hyperspectral

These images have wide application to the likes of:

  • Lineament Mapping.
  • Mine Planning
  • Volumetric Calculations and Stockpile Management.
  • Mine Construction, Development and Production
  • Mine Rehabilitation.
  • Mine Rescue.
  • Underground Application.
  • Land Cover Classification.
  • Thermal Anomalies
  • NDVI Classification

Drones provide the unique advantage of being able to capture details which can be used to create Reality 3D Model of the area of interest.

    3D Reality Model provides details that are incomparable to traditional surveys, like

  • Blast Design
  • Height Measurement
  • Visual Inspection of Retaining Wall
  • Slope Calculation
  • Bench Health
  • Real time monitoring of Stockpiles and Dumps

    Inspection of Hazardous and terrain that are difficult to access like:

  • Tailing Ponds
  • Waste dump
  • Unstable benches
  • Inspection of mines after Indundation
  • Analysis of Slope Conditions in underground mines

The risk of surveying in the said conditions can be avoided by the use of Drones based Reality 3D Modelling.